Shape builder

A magical and fun game for young learners.


Client: Tangible Play, Marbotic

Focus: Concept, Design, Animation, Rigging

Fill a magic mansion with furniture, items and incredible things! This game teaches basic geometric shapes in progression. Start with identifying and describing shapes, then advance to creating shapes on your own.

- Explore basic shapes concepts including composing shapes, relative positioning, and color recognition.

- Designed for children ages 3-5 to inspire their love of learning through hands-on play.

- Using Osmo’s unique technology that transforms your tablet into a hands-on learning system!

Developed in partnership with Marbotic and Tangible play for the hybrid OSMO game system that harnesses physical tiles to combine with tablets it creates a healthy, hands-on learning experience that promotes creativity, problem solving and social interaction.



"I love it!"

Marie CEO Marbotic

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