Search Engine Optimisation with Sugar

“Search Engine Optimisation” is about making your website in such a way that it’s optimised for Google, so that your pages and structure are accessible and can be indexed perfectly. It’s about ensuring that Google knows what your website is about and what phrases to rank your website under. Sugar Creative Studio does this through a variety of techniques, including both on-page work and off-page work on your website and is something that should be done on an on-going basis to help you to keep up with your competitors, and even better, build an unassailable lead.

Search Engine Optimisation with Sugar Creative

On Page work:
Many SEO companies only optimise the home page and do so only every twelve months. What marks us out from other companies is that we regularly make modifications to your SEO campaign, changing your website and reacting to changes in the Google algorithm. We immerse ourselves in our client’s business and industry and make regular tweaks and improvements to websites to ensure their rankings. We also make regular suggestions on ways to improve your website’s rankings and ultimately, its effectiveness for you.

Link Building:
We have a number of ways to encourage websites to link to your site and the use of organic advertising methods. We believe that a varied link portfolio, from a number of different websites of various type quality and relevance, is what paves the way to great results.

Content Delivery:
One of the best ways to increase your search engine rankings is to ensure that your website features unique, regularly updated content and this is our expertise. Google in particular has moved towards favouring news and blog sites within its SERPs, meaning that these kinds of websites that feature daily updates tend to perform better.

The best method for adding this content comes in the form of articles, written in a non biased style, so that you can become an authority website for your industry. We will use a CMS that makes the best platform for adding content as the best ones come with automated pinging services that notify Google and other engines when new content has been added. We also make customised changes to the CMS to our own SEO spec to ensure that it performs to suit your needs.

We can provide a content writing service, with regular unique content added directly to your website. The content is written to Google News standards and is added to your website automatically so that you don’t need to spend time editing or checking what is added. The content is written by SEO professionals to ensure that it has the optimal affect on your rankings.