Report shows growth in demand for HTML5 web developers

According to recruiting and outsource website, over the last 12 months the poularity of HTML5 grew by a significant margin, as did both Apple’s IOS and Adroid, although not by as much. In spite of a growth of 9% for iPhone based work, work for Android developers increased by double that amount, 20%, making developers with skills in those areas some of the most attractive in the UK.

Demand for HTML5 web developers from Cardiff and beyond has also risen, with the number of employment opportunities available on the site rising by 34%. Flash work fell by 10%, possibly due to the high demand for HTML5, and Apple’s ongoing disputes with the makers of Flash, Adobe.

The current growth in areas of new technology demonstrates that businesses today are moving to benefit from the advantages of fresh opportunities online, suggested the CEO of, Matt Barrie:

“Online work continues to boom and we’ve set the pace for an explosive year. We had an amazing Q1 as more and more people kicked off the new year by building new businesses or bettering their current business using online freelancers.”

Other areas of growth included ipad, with an 11% increase, and as businesses increased their presence online through SEO and social media, demand for developers of Facebook fan pages increased by 8%.

Despite the growth, there were also some predictable declines in popularity of blackberry coding skills despite the new playbook tablet being launched, and also falls in demand for coders of windows based operating systems.